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The Art Gallery (Book)

“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ” (Colossians 1:8).

Through the years I’ve been involved in the training and development of several young ministers, and I consider it to be a highlight of my ministry calling. As I reflect on my life’s journey, these investments are among the most important acts of my life. Some of my greatest joys have come from formal and informal settings that I call “teachable moments.” I feel blessed when I see many of these young people developing into anointed and effective ministers.

A few years ago, while teaching a seminar for young ministers at a local church, I felt inspired to write a few parables addressing the disturbing postmodern trends in some Christian circles. These stories took on the form of art expressions, and I began drawing parallels between abstract art and philosophy, two forms that seemed to merge together. These parables make up the chapters in this book.

The parables lay dormant for several years, but I could never seem to dismiss them from my mind. On occasion I would revisit them, and after several revisions I decided to present them in the form of a young minister’s search for absolute truth and biblical values.

The end result is an allegory comparing the concrete or absolute principles of God’s Word to the abstract ideas of human philosophy. They are object lessons for a young minister on a journey seeking for the deeper things of God.

It has been my experience that each minister must walk this road and make a choice. He must ask himself if he will adhere to the absolute principles defined by God or be swayed by the constantly changing concepts of human intellect. This book highlights principles rather than specific doctrines, although I firmly believe those who follow absolute principles will find absolute doctrine.

I invite you to join me on this journey, ask yourself the all-important question, and ultimately decide. As for me, I prefer the concrete principles of God’s Word over the abstract ideas of human intellect. I guess I am “the concrete man in an abstract world,” the elder you are about to meet.

Welcome to The Art Gallery, a place of art and philosophical journeys.


“Every now and then one encounters a book and, based on the impact it makes, thinks, “Every preacher should read this, especially every young preacher.” You hold such a book. I so wish The Art Gallery had been in print about thirty years ago when I was passing through the season it describes. I’m glad it exists now! In a most creative manner, Stan Davidson probes deeply into the conflicted heart of a young minister and, layer upon layer, peels back the enemy’s confusion and deception until the light of truth shines clearly into the mind of the reader. I wholeheartedly commend this work to the heart of every sincere minister of the gospel. You’ll soon be recommending it to your friends!”

Scott Graham
General Secretary-Treasurer
United Pentecostal Church International

“My longtime friend has written a book that does a rare thing: provokes us to thought. In a world where most of what we read has the consistency of marshmallows, The Art Gallery has fiber. There is a depth of meaning. The journey a young minister makes into full development can only benefit from The Art Gallery. An elder contemplating the best approach to impart knowledge and wisdom to the next generation will benefit as well. A significant benefit of the book comes from the thought-provoking and practical exercises at the end of each chapter. Now, there is a rewarding mix.”

Carlton Coon
Former Director of North American Missions, UPCI
Pastor: Calvary United Pentecostal Church, Springfield, Missouri

From Ministers Connected to Church on the Rock and the Ministry of J. Stanley Davidson

“In a world that embraces non-absolutes, this book is a stark reminder that we must adhere to the concrete doctrines and principles that were “once delivered.” Written in a unique allegorical style, the author encourages us to cling to that which is literal, tested, tried, and true. In addition, I am grateful to call the author my pastor who has proclaimed, preached, and lived out the truths of God’s infallible Word since my teen years.”

Michael Thomas II
General Youth President
UPCI Youth Ministries
Former Church on the Rock Staff Minister

“Bishop Stan Davidson paints a masterpiece that showcases the value of mentorship. Chad Wittman enters The Art Gallery seeking answers to some of life’s most complicated questions. It is there that his questions will be answered. Go on a journey with Chad behind the canvas as he seeks to separate man’s abstract philosophies from God’s concrete statutes. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has a ministry calling upon their life!”

Bret McGlaun
Church on the Rock Staff Minister

“Bishop Stan Davidson has allowed himself once again to be used to bring wisdom to the ministers of our generation. His words are inspirational cornerstones that will guide all who are finding for their way along this path of ministerial growth. His passion for building the Kingdom through mentoring and his unique approach to connecting with those in need of guidance shines brightly through each chapter. This is a must-read for all who are endeavoring to have an impact on the world around them as they continually prepare for that calling.”

Mark Kurtz
Pastor, Paris First UPC
Former Church on the Rock Staff Minister

“The Art Gallery is a great reminder in an abstract world of the necessity to be grounded in the resolute and solid foundation of the infallible Word of God. The author paints a perfect picture of the importance of the relationship of the mentor and mentee. Bishop Davidson has passionately poured himself into the development of individuals and the advancement of the kingdom of God. In a world that lacks commitment, I am thankful for those who guard His precious truth and ensure it is passed to the next generation with zeal. His burden and ministry are evident and reflected in His life, and I am thankful for the years he has invested in me as my pastor.”

Adam Maddox
Assistant Pastor, Church on the Rock
Alabama UPCI Youth President

The Art Gallery (Book)

Sound Bible Doctrine (Book)

Sound Bible Doctrine is a 15 Lesson Series on the fundamental doctrines of the Bible.  Design for Christian development, these can be studied individually or in a class setting.  Each lesson concludes with a series of question to help the student grasp the material.

Lesson One - Is Doctrine Important?

Lesson Two - Who is God?

Lesson Three - The Fall and Redemption of Man I

Lesson Four - The Fall and Redemption of Man II

Lesson Five - Water Baptism the Bible Way

Lesson Six - Divine Healing

Lesson Seven - Spiritual Gifts

Lesson Eight - Spiritual Fruit

Lesson Nine - Holiness I

Lesson Ten - Holiness II

Lesson Eleven - Holiness III

Lesson Twelve - Divorce and Remarriage

Lesson Thirteen - Stewardship

Lesson Fourteen - Christian Ceremonies

Lesson Fifteen - Things to Come

Sound Bible Doctrine (Book)

Stan Davidson & Praze Delegation (Music CD)

Stan Davidson Family & Friends (Music CD)